Key Stage 5

At Key Stage Five, we provide students with the opportunity to follow their studies to A-level and/or BTEC Level 3 standard. Our focus is for our students to develop a greater sense of independence as part of a high challenge, high support community with student voice at its heart. Students that have demonstrated, at Key stage Four, that they have the potential for further study are able to choose from a wide range of subjects including both A levels and more vocational courses (subject to demand, viability, staffing, timetabling and individual GCSE grades).

In Year 12, some of our Sixth Formers study three subjects and will continue to follow these for both years of their post-16 curriculum. Equally, our other students will start by studying four subjects, take an external AS examination in one of these at the end of Year 12 and then follow the remaining three of these to A-level, in Year 13. The majority of our students go on to Higher Education, and some proceed to Oxford or Cambridge.

As part of the PSHE programme in Years 12 and 13, students follow a curriculum dedicated to careers advice that provides help, support and guidance. This allows our students to select Higher Education courses and other alternatives such as high quality apprenticeships that enable them to follow their personalised pathway, post -18 with a clear focus on employability.

We consider that wider opportunities in the Sixth Form are essential to the holistic development of our all of our students. Examples of wider opportunities on offer include: leading as role models in the community both inside and outside school, being part of an active academic and pastoral mentoring programme that supports students in Key stages Three and Four as well as being members of the Student Senior and Middle Leadership Team.

We pride ourselves on the level of academic and pastoral support given to our students. The Sixth Form Leadership Team and specialist form tutors work together to support, encourage and oversee the personal development and academic progress of all of our students in preparation for their individual futures, whether that is entry into the world of work, following an apprenticeship or preparing for University.

Full details about our Sixth Form, including our entry requirements, are explained in our Sixth Form Prospectus or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.