Subject Options

Enrichment Activities

Our outstanding results are supported by a wide range of enrichment and extension activities, with additional enrichment days focussed on Work Related Learning and Business Enterprise. 


The Art Department is proud of its achievements and has created a caring environment in which to work and study.  From the start of Year 7 we encourage every student to develop their practical skills in 2D, 3D, mixed media and new technologies, and to make progress and reach their targets.  All students are engaged in studies which enable them to look at the subject in depth and cover it in breadth.  We believe that the Art courses at Guilsborough should be enjoyable and promote all of the basic learning skills.  Our art courses also refer to the application of art and design in the real world and vocational references are made at all opportunities and we incorporate all cultures and times into our schemes of work. The department develops cross curricular links and is keen to identify those who are gifted and talented artists, offering them further opportunities for study. We have visiting artists and enthusiastically encourage the students to visit galleries. We successfully nurture the talents of those who decide to study at a higher level including GCSE and A Level. From Key Stage 5 the majority of our students move on to Foundation Studies at college then successfully study art at degree level.


The excellent Mathematics results are supported by a wide range of activities.  Students take part in the Cypher Challenge.  Also our most able Additional Mathematicians study FSMQ.



Students develop their scientific skills from a curriculum centred on practical science. Interactive ICT is also a common feature in science lessons.  Stargazers Club meets every week for those interested in astronomy.   Other extra-curricular science activities include trips to the Space Centre, Twycross Zoo, and a Rocket Day.


In English our impressive results derive from the enthusiasm and commitment of our exceptionally well qualified teachers and their excellent relationships with students.  Our courses introduce students to a cornucopia of diverse literary texts.  The majority of our students study English Literature at GCSE as well as Language.  We also strive hard to improve confidence in speaking and a range of different writing styles.  The curriculum is enhanced by debating teams, Quillich book club, author visits, theatre trips and many other initiatives.  The English Department has pioneered the teaching of students in single sex groups.


German is studied by all students in Years 7 and 8. The emphasis is on developing memory skills and improving literacy whilst enjoying language learning generally. In Year 9 students who have shown an aptitude for German learn French as well. Most students will study a language at GCSE. GCSE and A Level courses are offered in both French and German. Foreign language lessons are accessible to all pupils catering for a range of abilities and preferred learning styles. Students are challenged in a supportive environment to excel in second language acquisition and cross-cultural understanding. Pupils have the opportunities to develop their language skills through a range of activities during lessons. Interactive ICT is also a common feature in lessons. Our Gifted and Talented programme provides pupils with extension activities in class, more challenging homework and opportunities to work closely with our Foreign Language Assistant.

Design Technology

We aim to provide students with a challenging and interesting curriculum that meets the needs of all students.  We offer a variety of GCSE subjects; Food; Product Design; Electronic Products; Textiles.  At A level students select either Product Design or Textiles. As part of our Technology College work, we take part in a wide range of competitions and challenges and work closely with our primary schools, providing ICT and technology teaching for them.


Physical Education

Students experience exciting activities within core PE - expert visiting coaches, leadership opportunities and the use of video cameras to assess their development.  Students can opt for examination PE courses (GCSE, AS, A2, BTEC Level 2 and 3) from Key Stage 4 and there is also the opportunity to participate in the Young Apprentice Programme (YAP).  Students have the opportunity to visit local primary schools and assist in the delivery of coaching and PE lessons using the skills learnt and developed on their course.  We have many very talented young sportsmen and women and are particularly proud of the achievements of those who have represented both the county and the country.  Students who have demonstrated commitment to extra-curricular sport and shown excellent sportsmanship are given the opportunity to represent the school on tours.


With a practical approach to lessons we focus on the key ingredients of music through developing improvisation, composing, performing and listening. Lessons make extensive use of technology, software and recording equipment and the full range of musical styles are covered extensively.  We produce concerts, musicals and shows on a regular basis and many of our talented older students play in County groups and bands.  The school has a windband, swing band, orchestra, choir, steel pan band as well as a host of other smaller ensembles.  Individual instrumental lessons are available in school and we host Guilsborough Music School on a Saturday morning for students of all ages.

Business Studies

The Business Studies department offers a wide range of academic and vocational courses at KS4 and KS5.  The study of business concepts and practices helps everyone, and especially young people who are just starting out in life. Knowing how business works is a valuable life skill that everyone can benefit from.  We aim to get students to appreciate the importance of business studies and economics in ensuring that they understand the dynamic world in which they live and how to make the most of the opportunities presented to them.  


Humanities is studied by all students in Year 7 and  8, after which, in Year 9 students follow the individual subjects of Geography, History and Religious Studies, so allowing them to make an informed choice for GCSE options.

Year 7 students examine the local area in Humanities with the aim of providing them with a fuller understanding of the area in which they live. By integrating the three different subjects and developing skills, which can be transferred across the curriculum, we aim to prepare students for subsequent years providing them with a deeper level of understanding than if the subjects were studied individually.


The ICT (Information and Communication Technology) department at Guilsborough aims to prepare pupils for participation in a rapidly changing world where activities are increasingly transformed by access to ICT. We encourage and develop the use of ICT skills within a wide range of standard software packages, and promote the understanding and use of ICT as a tool to be used in other areas. Lunchtime clubs are run for students, allowing them to develop their interest and skills in a wide range of areas, including games authoring, computer animations and digital photography.

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