Overview of Curriculum at Guilsborough Academy

Students at Guilsborough Academy are offered a curriculum built on breadth and depth. Our curriculum contributes to a well-balanced education that develops the abilities and lifelong learning skills of individual students so that they may take a valuable, positive, outward looking and active place in modern British society. Curriculum planning takes account of the needs of all students; we monitor and evaluate the appropriateness of the curriculum to ensure that it is fit for purpose for all of our students.

As an Academy, we provide a wide range of courses that are best matched to the needs of our learners. Courses will be offered that the school considers will be valuable to students for their future career aspirations, with appropriate and timely information, advice and guidance.

Choice and flexibility of courses is an important element in the design of the curriculum; it is reviewed annually so that it is developed to provide the most appropriate offer for every student’s needs and aspirations. The review considers, also, national curriculum development, as required by the Government.

Within the classroom, a wide range of tailored differentiation strategies are employed and modified to provide quality first learning experiences for all students. Our differentiated approach includes provision for students with specific learning needs as well as those who require additional support and those who are potentially more able.

The Academy also recognises that there are circumstances in which a student’s best interests are served by offering alternative provision, either in terms of personalising their curriculum within the school or by using recognised local external providers to offer educational opportunities where appropriate.

At Guilsborough Academy we consider that extra-curricular activities enrich further a student’s experience and all are encouraged to participate in a wide range of opportunities e.g. sporting, musical, gardening, reading as well as attending cultural events, visits and activities.

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