Department Enrichment

Throughout the school year there is always a practical presentation being worked on. Our year 12 students have worked to present a Theatre in Education performance involving year 9 students. This has been very successful covering issues such as drug and alcohol abuse. We have also used enrichment programmes to involve students in our Arts Fest. This has included work with outside practitioners – actors, circus performers and make up workshops. Our current year 11 performed to their parents as well as to an external examiner. We have also had the opportunity of working with an assistant director from The Royal Shakespeare Company. Our year 12 and 13 students spent the day working at Pineapple Studios in London followed by a memorable visit to see Ian McKellan in King Lear. We are always on the look out for performers for the school production – students do not need to be following GCSE to become part of this. They can take on acting or support roles. 


Gifted and Talented

We hope that our gifted and talented students can be extended through the drama curriculum. Visits are often planned to see theatre performances. For example we have taken several visits to South Hill Arts Centre to see performances of Romeo and Juliet and Oh What A Lovely War. These performances proved to be invaluable as discussion pieces and were enjoyed by all who attended.

Overall we hope that all students have some opportunity to participate in drama at some level.


Key Stage 3

Further information regarding the KS3 curriculum can be accessed via the following link:

KS3 Drama Curriculum - Year 8

Key Stage 4

Further information regarding the KS4 curriculum can be accessed via the following link:

KS4 Drama Curriculum - Year 9

KS4 Drama Curriculum - Year 10

KS4 Drama Curriculum - Year 11

Key Stage 5

Further information regarding the KS5 curriculum can be accessed via the following link:

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