The Humanities Department aims to provide Students with:
  • A better understanding of the world they live in
  • An understand the relationships and interdependence of people locally, nationally and internationally
  • An understanding of the social, economic, environmental and cultural nature of their own and other societies
  • A reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs applicable places, people and environments they study
  • Active and collaborative involvement in the learning process which will enable students to develop decision making skills and responsibility for the planning and direction of their work


Department Enrichment and extra – Curricular Activities

To enhance the learning, enjoyment and pupils’ understanding the department offers a range of enrichment and extra- curricular activities outlined below:


As well as the work we do in the classroom we feel it is vital that students learn by visiting place and therefore the following trips are run by the Humanities department:


Year 7

Warwick Castle 


Year 9

Black Country Museum


Year 10

Milton Keynes and Northampton Geography trip
Berlin History Trip


Year 12 and 13

Iceland Geography Trip
Spain History Trip
Swanage Geography Trip
Birmingham Geography Trip


After school Revision classes

Year 11

  • These start in January for Geography on a Wednesday in preparation for the DME and continue until the final exams
  • History revision classes begin in March


A Level

  • Revision classes will begin in Dec for the January exams and April for the May / June exams. These occur at Lunch and after school


Cross Curricular Links

These are being established and embedded into the scheme of work. Currently we have links with:
  • PE department – yr 7 orienteering / map skills work
  • Art department – yr 8 Islamic Art, involving an outside speaker coming into school

Gifted and Talented Provision

The Humanities department is aware of the need to meet the needs of all students. Through both the differentiated teaching in lessons, revision classes for the most able and University days for A level classes we aim to stretch the most able. We feel the success of this is reflected in the number of A and A* grades the department achieves at GCSE and A Level.

The Curriculum

Key Stage 3

Further information regarding the KS4 curriculum can be accessed via the following links:

KS3 Humanities Curriculum - Year 7

KS3 Humanities Curriculum - Year 8


Key Stage 4




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