Social Sciences

Psychology is the study of people: how they think, how they act, react and interact. Psychologists do not simply explain people’s behaviour but they use their understanding to help people overcome difficulties and bring about changes for the better.

The OCR AS & A2 Psychology course

Psychology aims to develop a student’s interest in and appreciation of psychology through an exploration of the ways in which psychological research is conducted.

The AQA AS & A2 Sociology course

Sociology literally means the ‘Science of Society’ and concerns itself with the study of people in social groups. It helps us to question ‘taken for granted’ assumptions about society and to construct, challenge and think about how the society that we are living in will develop.
The AQA Sociology course aims to develop a student’s sociological and critical understanding of contemporary social processes and social changes, reflecting on their own experience of the social world in which they live.
Extra-curricular activities across both courses include trips to conferences in |London and Birmingham, most notably ‘Offender Profiling and Beyond’ which links to both A2 Forensic Psychology and Sociology; Crime and Deviance. We also have close links with UCN and are invited to the Sociology Day and Research Methods Day.


Key Stage 4

Further information regarding the KS4 curriculum can be accessed via the following link:

KS4 Child Development Curriculum - Year 9

KS4 Health and Social Care Curriculum - Year 10

KS4 Health and Social Care Curriculum - Year 11


Key Stage 5

Further information regarding the KS5 curriculum can be accessed via the following link:

KS5 Curriculum - Psychology

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