The Science department is committed to providing an excellent learning experience for students of all abilities.

In Science lessons we use a range of teaching and learning strategies, many including the latest interactive technologies, together with the best of traditional teaching methods.
We are particularly proud of our work on improving the classroom environment and the use of ‘Assessment for learning’ in lessons, where students are actively encouraged to become involved in their own learning.
Our recent results at GCSE and A –level have been particularly pleasing. 


In Science we offer a wide range of enrichment activities:
Year 7/8 - Trip to Twycross Zoo.
Year 10 - Science at work day.
Visiting speakers are often invited into school. Recent speakers have been from the University of Birmingham Physics department and the Open University brain research.

Gifted and Talented

Before the students join the school, the Gifted and Talented pupils from Primary schools are given the opportunity to spend a day in the Science department, taking part in Forensic Science activities. Students have the opportunity to experience the fun and challenge of Science before joining year 7.
In order to meet the needs of the Gifted and Talented pupils we ensure that students are set according to their ability, early in year 7. Pupils are given the opportunity to advance between sets when appropriate.
At KS4 our Gifted and Talented students have the opportunity to follow the Triple Science course, which leads to separate GCSE’s in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


Key Stage 3

Further information regarding the KS3 curriculum can be accessed via the following links:

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Key Stage 4

Further information regarding the KS4 curriculum can be accessed via the following links:

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Key Stage 5

Further information regarding the KS5 curriculum can be accessed via the following links:

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KS5 Curriculum - Physics

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