Bad Weather

badweatherOur emergency plans in the event of heavy snow resulting in school closure are as follows:
In the event of heavy snow overnight the school may be closed. In order to check if this decision has been taken please see our website,, and follow the links or listen to BBC RADIO NORTHAMPTON (104.2 or 103.6FM) or HEART (96.6FM). We will try to leave a message on the switchboard. The decision to close the school has to be made by 7.00am so that bus companies can be notified. The weather can change rapidly between 7.00 am and 9.00am, so we may not always be able to make the right decision. Please ensure you have discussed emergency arrangements with your child so they know where to go in the event of the bus not arriving in the morning, whether for bad weather or other reasons.

If there is heavy snow during the day and it is forecast for this to continue, a decision may be taken to send students home early. If parents are out at work please could they ensure that arrangements have been made and their child knows what to do and where to go. With almost 1350 students, it is not possible to contact parents individually or to let students use the school switchboard. It is a very complex operation to send students home during the day so be sure the decision is not taken lightly! The school website will carry up to date information on bus departures. Please could we ask that parents do not come to school to collect their child as the forecourt needs to be kept free for the buses and the arrival of cars causes a lot of congestion which is particularly dangerous when there is snow. Please can we request that you talk to your child about this so that s/he is not anxious or 'homeless' in the event of being sent home before the normal time. Staff will always remain on the premises until the last student has gone.

If there are icy conditions please could students make sure they move round school carefully as we are not able to grit every outside area.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Mrs J Swales, Principal