G Guilsborough wins when we focus on:
O Organisation
A Attitude to Learning
L Language and Courtesy
S Supportive Behaviour
Guilsborough School has always had a positive behaviour policy with the aim of ensuring a calm, orderly working environment conducive to effective learning.
With this in mind we have developed the concept of GOALS, an acronym meaning: Guilsborough wins when we all focus on Organisation, have a positive Attitude to learning, use good Language and Courtesy and show Supportive behaviour.
Having a simple statement of GOALS provides freedom from lists of rules that are impossible to define and don’t allow appropriate interpretation for each individual. For example, the expectations regarding ‘Organisation’ are different for a Year 7 student to a Year 11 student.
GOALS allows for lots of positive conversations between staff and students especially if an aspect of attitude or behaviour needs re-direction. GOALS are easily understood by everyone and students can relate to the concept.


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