Communicating with our Academy staff

Important Notice:

As an Academy we very much believe in and work together to achieve a culture of respect. We understand that people can become frustrated when they feel that matters about which they feel strongly are not being dealt with as they wish. As part of working in a professional environment, if frustration escalates into aggression towards any of our staff we consider that this is unacceptable.

As part of our culture and ethos of respect, we cannot condone any aggressive or abusive behaviour. Use of language (whether verbal or written) that may cause staff to feel afraid, threatened or abused, we consider is not appropriate. Equally, the use of inappropriate language may include threats, personal verbal abuse, derogatory remarks and rudeness.

As we have shared, (above), if any aggression or abuse is directed towards our staff this will not be tolerated. We believe in a culture of respect and that this extends to all parties of our learning community. If any aggressive or abuse behaviour is demonstrated towards our staff, the Academy will take appropriate action and, if necessary, involve the appropriate authorities.

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