Exam Information

JCQ Notices For Exam Candidates

Students receive a booklet of information regarding their exams detailing the exam regulations and guidance below, ensuring students are aware of the exam regulations and that they know what to do in situations such as being unwell on the day of an exam.

8.1   Information for candidates – controlled assessments

8.2   Information for candidates – coursework

8.3   Information for candidates – non examination assessments

8.4   Information for candidates – on screen tests

8.5   Information for candidates – Privacy Notice

8.6   Information for candidates – social media

8.7   Information for candidates – written examinations


If you need any further information please see Mrs Loakes 



 Pre-Public Examinations

Pre-Public examinations (PPE) are mock examinations in a subject.  These take place for Year 11 and Year 13 in November and December prior to the Summer examinations to provide feedback to students and identify targets to work on to enable them to secure the best possible grade.  We have a PPE Results Afternoon in January to support the importance of these exams and give students an insight in to the exam results day experience.

PPEs also take place in June and July of Year 10 and Year 12 to support students with their progress in a subject and provide curricular targets for the students to work on  over the Summer to suppor them to make strong progress.

PPE Timetable November 2018 - Y11

PPE Timetable November 2018 - Y13





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