Exam Information

Examination timetables for Summer 2018

Students have been provided with a personalised timetable with exam entires for their subjects and details of tiers of entry where relevant.  Below is a list of all the exmainations for Year 13, GCE Exam Timetable 2018, and Year 11, GCSE Exam Timetable 2018.  Additionally Year 11 and Year 13 students may have exams for vocational subjects, such as BTECs, that are not listed. For vocational subjects students will be given details of entries separately.

GCE Exam Timetable 2018

GCSE Exam Timetable 2018


JCQ Notices For Exam Candidates

Students receive a booklet of information regarding their exams detailing the exam regulations and guidance below, ensuring students are aware of the exam regulations and that they know what to do in situations such as being unwell on the day of an exam.

8.1   Information for candidates – controlled assessments

8.2   Information for candidates – coursework

8.3   Information for candidates – non examination assessments

8.4   Information for candidates – on screen tests

8.5   Information for candidates – Privacy Notice

8.6   Information for candidates – social media

8.7   Information for candidates – written examinations


If you need any further information please see Mrs Loakes