High Achievers

A large proportion of our students are 'High Achievers' and have the potential to gain A and A* grades at GCSE and A Level. As part of our commitment to meet the educational needs of all our students, we strive to provide greater challenges in lessons for students identified as 'high achievers' and create additional opportunities for them to demonstrate and develop their abilities.

Our provision includes organising activities such as guest speakers, educational challenges or creative workshops for groups of students within a curriculum area and arranging specialist trips and educational visits. We also run accredited in house schemes including the Senior Leaders and Senior Ambassadors programme which are linked to the National SSAT leadership accreditation scheme.

Our year 11 honours programme for the top 10% of our most gifted students is a dynamic programme which focusses on harnessing our students' determination to aim as high as they can. This is supported by Russell Group University visits, critical thinking skills tutorials as well as top professionals speaking to our Honours cohort in the spring term of year 11. These visitors include engineers from Mercedes AMG - High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth, vets from Towcester Equine Centre and a consultant surgeon from one of our local Hospital trusts.

In the Sixth Form we offer an Arrows programme group which seeks to challenge our most academic students so that they can continue to be selected by the most prestigious universities and for the most oversubscribed courses. The Arrows Programme is open to ambitious students who achieve 5 or more A/A*s at GCSE and includes activities such as master classes, university visits, subject-specific conferences and extension studies.

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