Student Leadership

Learning to Lead Without Limits

Our Academy vision and ethos of “Learning Without Limits” reflects our desire for students to have every opportunity to reach their full potential. By developing our “Learning to Lead Without Limits” programme we are challenging students to take every opportunity we offer them in an attempt to become global citizens and grasp the respect of their peers.


What are the aims of our “Learning to Lead Without Limits” programme?

To offer a range of roles and responsibilities to all
To promote student leadership, active ownership and a sense of pride in our Academy
To develop our ability to work together as staff and students
To deepen our engagement in our learning and develop our aspirations
To contribute to the development of our Academy.

Where do you get leadership points from?

The “Learning to Lead Without Limits" programme explained

Each levelled leadership certificate (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) is awarded when you achieve a certain number of points:-

These points are available throughout year 7 and 8 and we are challenging students to achieve at least bronze certificate, by the end of year 7. You may however also achieve your gold, it is positive for everyone!

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