Student Voice

Student Senate and Year Voice teams

Students are encouraged to become involved with the work of their Year Voice which is made up of elected representatives from each year group and is chaired by a Progress Leader. Students suggest agenda items, discuss all aspects of school life and contribute to the evaluation and further development of teaching and learning at Guilsborough.

The School Senate is representatives from each Year Voice and is chaired jointly by a member of the Senior Leadership Team and the Head Boy Head Girl team. Students meet regularly to discuss aspects of the schools' progress, feedback from meetings in regularly brought back to SLT meetings for discussion; their views and impressions are key in the appointment of new staff including senior staff and they meet with members of the Senior Leadership Team to review progress and development of specific areas of the schools' development plan.

The Head Boy and Head Girl Team are representatives from the 6th form, but have a whole school remit. They jointly lead the School Senate and publically represent the school at major school events including Open evening and Prize night. They meet regularly with the head of 6th form to plan the development of the year groups. They have been particularly involved in the development of the 6th form Code of Practice, subject improvement plans and also the new business style dress code among many other initiatives.

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