British Values

British values are important to us as an Academy and as such we work tirelessly to ensure our students learn how to behave like British citizens and consequently develop values that make us proud of them but also for them to feel proud to be British.
Through our daily life as an academy there are many routes and ways in which we use our Academy and British values to promote tolerance, understanding and respect for all others whether in our academy or within the wider world.
Below are some of the ways in which we try and promote British values within our Academy


Annual year voice and Academy senate elections, Senior Ambassador and Senior Leader recruitment and elections, engagement in general, local and european elections during morning registration activities and within the assembly programme


The rule of law

A clearly outlined school positive behaviour policy shared with the students. The high profile use of excellence points and behaviour points collated through lesson and social time attitude and behaviour. Students are aware through their lessons and tutor time how the rule of law is managed nationally and globally through observing and studying issues in other countries including Syria


Individual liberty

Our students are taught that...

It is my responsibility to respect others

I have the right to be respected

I have a responsibility to respect others’ differences

I have the right to individuality

I have the responsibility to listen to others’ opinions

I have the right to an opinion

It is my responsibility to listen when others speak & I have the right to listen, learn and be heard

I understand that my opinion is not the only one

It is my responsibility to keep others safe

I have the right to feel safe


Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Our assembly programme focusses on different faiths and beliefs, ensuring our students through their learning understand the need to be tolerant. Assemblies focusing on for example St George’s day celebrations, the refugee crisis, mental health, internet safety and LGBT allow our students to become tolerant global citizens.

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