Year 8 Options Guidance Evening

Date: Thursday 1 March

Time: 6.00pm - 8.00pm

There will be a presentation in the Hall at 6pm and at 6.45pm for parents and carers. Parents and carers of students in Everdon and Rockingham are invited to attend the first presentation, and parents and carers of students in Salcey and Whittlebury are invited to attend the 6.45pm presentation.

  • 6pm Presentation in Hall - Everdon and Rockingham 
  • 6.45pm Presentation in Hall - Salcey and Whittlebury 

Location:  Main Hall, Guilsborough Academy


To ensure that our students are prepared fully for the reformed GCSE qualifications; from September 2015 we decided to start a three year Key Stage 4 programme. This decision was based on several points and mirrors the approach of many schools, nationally.

A three year Key Stage 4 enables more curriculum time for both GCSE English (two separate GCSEs, Language and Literature) and Mathematics. This is important not only because of the increased content in both new GCSE subjects but equally that the skills required are now far more sophisticated at this level. Furthermore, advanced skills, knowledge and understanding of both literacy and numeracy are prerequisites for success across the curriculum in the new GCSE courses. In addition, such an approach will allow your child to study their chosen options across three years and therefore develop not only a breadth but also a depth in their learning.

Information about the options process will initially be explained to students on 22 February 2018 in an assembly and the PowerPoint that accompanies will be on the VLE from this date. The individual subject information will also be available on the VLE from 2 March 2018. The option choice form will not be available, however, until after the Option Guidance Evening on 1 March 2018 to ensure that students have had time to consider and then make their choices. The choices are also listed overleaf. If you do not have access to the internet at home, arrangements can be made via your child’s tutor or Mrs Plowman in the Learning Resource Centre, to do this in school.

Our Option Guidance Evening is on Thursday 1 March in the school hall and starts with a formal presentation. The evening is designed to help students and parents make the right choices. Information will be provided about those courses which are not studied at Key Stage 3 and we will seek to answer any more general questions about the choices to be made. Please come if you have any questions of this kind.