Guilsborough School Ofsted Report Publication 2013

The Ofsted report from our inspection on the 26th and 27th February 2014 was published on 3 April 2014.

 We are really pleased with the main body of the report, which makes it clear that Guilsborough is an excellent school which has a strong supportive positive for every child and that this reflected in the very positive student behaviour and the overwhelmingly positive views expressed by parents to Ofsted.

The school has been graded 2 (good) in all areas. This is despite a clear upward trend in our examination outcomes grades since our last inspection and a close match in all areas to the current new Ofsted ‘outstanding’ criteria.

Guilsborough is achieving in the top 10% nationally of schools nationally in Maths and in the top 14% nationally in English and in 2012 and 2013 the school achieved above national levels of progress in all key subject areas for students at all levels of ability.

The inspection team told the school that we were ‘on the cusp’ of achieving the outstanding grade, but the new Ofsted standards have been increased so much that very few schools are now qualifying for this judgement. 

“GCSE results have been consistently well above average since the school opened as an Academy, and in 2013 they were better than ever.”

“The proportion of students attaining A* and A grades at GCSE in English and Mathematics is well above the national average. “

“Teaching in the sixth form is consistently strong and often outstanding. It is underpinned by good subject knowledge and innovative approaches which fully engage and motivate students, producing good results across a wide range of subjects.”

“The Headteacher and leadership team, well supported by the governors, are committed to making the school’s mission statement ‘Striving for excellence’ a reality.”

“Students say that they feel safe and well cared for, and the overwhelming majority of their parents agree. Students are confident that if they experienced any problems, their teachers would do all that they could to help them.”

“The behaviour of students is good. Students take pride in their school. They are friendly, polite and courteous. Relationships between students and their teachers are good. Students take care of the school environment. Displays of students’ work in corridors and classrooms are of a high standard and treated with respect. There was no litter to be seen. “

“There is a calm and purposeful atmosphere in almost every classroom. Students are cooperative and work very well together in pairs and groups. They listen to one another and respect each other’s views. Very little time is wasted in lessons and, as a result, students make good progress in their learning.”

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