Year 11 Revision

Year 11 students were provided with a letter on Thursday 5 May or Friday 6 May, following an assembly that explained the exam day routines, detailing the revision sessions to attend in the build up to their examinations and the lesson timetable for after half-term when the majority of students will have sat at least half of their examinations. A copy of this letter is on the Academy’s website - link here.

The letter had a reply slip that must be returned for each student.
The letter and assembly explain the additional revision sessions and arrangements during the summer examination period.

A copy of the updated (from the one released before the Easter break) Examination Preparation Timetable was attached to the letter and is available on the Academy website - link here.

The Examination Preparation Timetable details breakfast revision sessions, which run from 8:20am to 8:40am, and the additional revision sessions, during school time. The breakfast session is an opportunity for students to meet with a subject teacher and be reminded about key points prior to the exam. An exam breakfast will be available from B-Block canteen for students. Additional revision sessions a usually the day before an examination, for example an exam on a Thursday afternoon might have a revision session on the Wednesday afternoon. The sessions are intended to act as a final support to the revision that has been taking place in lessons and that students have been completing independently.

Additionally there are revision sessions for Mathematics for specific students. These students will be provided with a letter to detail the session they are requested to attend and a reply slip to agree to attend the session.

On Friday May 27 most of our students will take their final English Literature examination that will finish at approximately 10:30 am. During period 3 and period 4 a revision session for history will run (students can then study in school or go home after the session). If a student is not taking history then they can go home, following the English Literature examination, provided they have completed and returned the reply slip to request to go home. If they would like to stay in school then private study rooms will also be available.

After the half term break we expect students to be in school for both their examinations and relevant revision sessions (up until they have taken their final examination in this subject). Equally, there will be rooms available for private study if students wish to come into school when they do not have either examinations or revision sessions.

Students must attend all of the examinations for which they have been entered. If they are too unwell to attend, please notify the Academy immediately (via the school telephone number). Our exams officer will contact you to discuss the situation and ensure that we have all of the required information.

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