GCE Results Day – Thursday 14 August

GCE results are available on Thursday 14 August

Results will be issued between 09.00am and midday.

Senior members of staff will be in the school to offer any advice and assistance regarding your results.

Results should be collected in person. If you wish any other person (including a family member) to collect your results on your behalf, you must inform the school in writing before Results Day.

If you would like your results posted home, please provide a stamped addressed envelope before you leave school.

If it is necessary for you to telephone school for results please ring after 10.00 am

It is not possible to email or fax results.


Are received in school and are ready for distribution at the beginning of November.

All certificates must be collected; it is not possible to post them.

If you will be unable to collect your certificates yourself you must provide written permission to the school to allow any other person to collect them on your behalf.

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​ Dear Parents

We are delighted to inform you that  the Secretary of State has  written to us to confirm that Guilsborough School Academy  have been given permission to form a  new Multi Academy Trust

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Vocal Evening - Thursday 6th March 2014 at 7pm

​Refreshments will be served by the PTA from 6.30pm and during the evening.

Poster Vocal Evening 6th March 2014.pdf

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The Ofsted report from our inspection on the 26th and 27th February 2014 is being published today (Link below to report and parent letter).

We are really pleased with the main body of the report, which makes it clear that Guilsborough is an excellent school which has a strong supportive positive for every child and that this reflected in the very positive student behaviour and the overwhelmingly positive views expressed by parents to Ofsted.

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Re: Replacement Cashless Catering Cards

​In September, we issued all our students with catering cards along with a wallet and a lanyard to keep them safe. Since that time we have received a large number of students reporting that they have lost, broken or thrown away their cards and would like replacements.

Unfortunately, due to the number of these requests, as of Monday 16thDecember, we will need to introduce a £3.00 charge for a replacement card, this can be paid into reception when collecting the replacement card.
If you do not wish to purchase a replacement card, a temporary daily break or lunch pass is available from Reception on request.

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