Training Centre Opening

We are delighted to annouce that on the 6th of September 2018 Guilsborough Academy opens its doors to the new teacher training centre formally known as the caretaker’s house.

This centre is helping to continue our strong partnership with the GUTP at Sponne School by enabling us to become a satellite hub for this teacher training provider of which we have secured 6 trainee teacher’s to train with us over the course of the year. Furthermore to this, we have formed partnerships with other teacher training providers such as Ashlawn School, The University of Warwick and The University of Leicester. We are also looking to work alongside other educational establishments in order to offer a variety of opportunities for current staff at Guilsborough Academy to help extend their current skills set and continue to develop their professional development. In addition to, reaching out to the community/county by providing a base that can be used for educational purposes.


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