The department consists of a large teaching/rehearsal room equipped with 16 keyboards and 16  computers with Sibelius 6 and Audacity, and second  teaching room with 16 keyboards all with computers and Sibelius 6, Audacity and Cubase studio 5. All pupils study music during years 7 and 8 following the key stage three national curriculum, looking at rhythm, chords, and scales in music these then also cover music past and present and world music. GCSE is offered in Year 9 following the OCR Specification. AS and A2 music is also offered following the OCR Specification.

Department Enrichment and extra-curricular activities

The level of participation of students in instrumental playing is exceptionally high. This has been achieved through the sustained effort of the music teachers and a team of peripatetic teachers who serve the school via our arrangements with Northamptonshire Country Council Music Services. This level of involvement is evident in the school concerts that are an ‘enjoyable and valued aspect of our school life’. It is common for approximately 100 instrumental players to be involved in such events. Strong extra-curricular involvement in our school wind band, orchestra, choir, swing band string and guitar ensembles sustain this effort.

Gifted and Talented provision

We endeavour to identify our Gifted and talented pupils throughout KS3. In year 7 this would normally be instrumentalists of Grade 2 or above, extension work is available for pupils and there is the opportunity to use their instrument or talent in performing, composing or appraising in lessons. We would also expect these students to be taking an active part in extracurricular groups and the department; there will then be opportunities for these pupils to perform solo items in the annual concerts. Due to the high level of ability from our pupils this has also encouraged us to offer the GCSE early in year 9; this would mean pupils would sit the exam in year 10.


Key Stage 3

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Key Stage 4

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Key Stage 5

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