Business Studies

The aim of the Business related subjects is to inspire learners to think critically about, and appreciate, their role in the dynamic local, national and global environment. Learners will develop skills and knowledge enabling them to become effective citizens in their roles as consumers, employees, managers or entrepreneurs.

Business related subjects encourage learners to become effective researchers and analysts who can evaluate information and situations. The subjects will help learners to develop many transferable skills such as, working with others, problem solving, risk taking and independent learning.
  • Gifted and Talented Provision

    We endeavour to meet the needs of all learners within the department. Learners that are identified as G&T will be supported and stretched using a range of strategies which may include some of the following:
    • Extension work –work that requires higher level evaluation skills
    • One to one – extension work, discussions
    • Learning hub for other students – if appropriate
    • Co-teach a subject – presentations to students
    • Competitions – entering national competitions, e.g. pro-share
    • Extra research file – eg newspaper articles and summaries
    • Independent online work – to develop a breadth and depth of knowledge of current business/economic environment 
    • Leadership role - for instance in mini enterprise projects
  • Department Enrichment and extra-curricular activities

    Year 10/Year 11

    • Coursework club
    • Trips when appropriate (local or national businesses)
    • Dragons’ Den
    • The Apprentice
    • Mini enterprise (vocational courses)
    • Work experience (vocational courses)

    Year 12/Year 13

    • Guest speakers and local entrepreneurs
    • Work experience (vocational courses)
    • Dragons’ Den
    • The Apprentice
    • Trips when appropriate (local or national businesses)
  • Our Curriculum

    Key Stage 3

    In light of national changes, our KS3 curriculum is currently under review. If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Enever-Jones, Head of Business Studies.

    Key Stage 4

    Further information regarding the KS4 curriculum can be accessed via the following link:

     KS4 GSCE Business Studies Curriculum - Year 10

     KS4 GSCE Business Studies Curriculum - Year 10

    Key Stage 5

    Further information regarding the KS5 curriculum can be accessed via the following link:

    Post 16 - Business Studies


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