Media Studies is a dynamic and popular Sixth Form subject combining practical production with analytical and theoretical awareness of products and commercial institutions. Media is integrated into IT and English courses in Key Stage Three and Four but becomes a stand alone course in the Sixth Form where the OCR Media Studies A Level Specification is followed.

Production Work

Moving Image

The department is well stocked with digital video cameras and a suite of I Macs provide the editing software. Students produce opening sequences to films and television dramas, film trailers animated shorts and promotional music videos.


Students use the school software to produce the front covers and double page spreads of magazines, posters and print advertisements.


Students create websites, video game cut scenes and sections of new games.
All necessary equipment is available in school, but students are also able to use their own resources for any of the production tasks.


AS and A2 assessment both require the creation of a practical portfolio (50%) and a two hour written examination (50%) which focuses on analysis of media texts, awareness of industry practices and an understanding of the role of Media in national and global contexts.


We have participated in National Schools’ Film week, attended seminars at Warwick University, had talks from the Editor of the Birmingham Independent and from the BBFC and arranged visits to local media companies, including Radio Northampton. Some students have attended Apple training in London and we participate in the BFI annual conference.

Students enjoy the course and over a third of them regularly go on to study linked courses at university.

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